Hi, I'm Michael Taevs

🇨🇦 Born in Western Canada.

🇺🇸 Educated in the USA.

🇦🇽 Currently on the Åland Islands; the jewels of Scandinavia.

My work puts people first,
while respecting all living things,
through the responsible use of this planet’s unliving resources,
and the improved understanding of the systems that connect us.

How can I help you today?

Smart Sustainability – I graduated from Harvard University with a Masters in Environmental Management & Sustainability. I am great at helping you create value through good actions.

I’m a Non-linear Thinker – I love to be given a problem and often find unusual new ways to solve it.

App Development – I am learning to code in Swift with Xcode and very excited to broaden my skillset!

Video Production – I film, Fly Drones, Record Audio, Edit and Share.

English Writing – I can check your English translations before you publish.

And much more Creativity – as expressed through this website and my other channels.

Resume CV

Personal Statement

🇸🇪 Jag har nyligen avslutat kursen Svenska för inflyttade på Medis. 
Min svenska är inte perfekt men jag förstår svenska som diskuteras 
på möten och jag kan läsa självständigt. Jag behöver fortfarande jobba 
med mitt uttal och använder mig av översättningsverktyg när jag skriver.

🇬🇧 I work to strengthen local business and society. 
The improvement of the Åland community, environment, and lives is my motivation. I am experienced working both remotely and in-office. Recent entrepreneurship and consulting work developed my skills in cooperation-building and provided a broad understanding of local Åland business. Now it is time to use these skills and create long-term value with you. Thank you for your time today, Michael.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Native English Language

  • International Education & Insight

  • Project Leadership & Coordination

  • Educator and Motivational Speaker

  • Sales & Customer Relationships

  • Business Cases for Sustainability

  • Community Engagement

  • Data Collection and Analysis

  • Climate Change Measurement

  • App Development (Swift) & Video/Media & Website Production

Professional Work

Consultancy & Owner at 
Plusax AB (2016 - 2020) Mariehamn, Åland, Finland

  • Focus on making companies more profitable in the short and long term

  • Custom sustainability programs for local business & groups

  • Data Collection, Analysis, and Results Communication

  • Annual Report writing and real-time results tracking

  • Carbon Neutrality Certification and Climate impact reduction

  • Environmental, Social, and Operational impact benchmarking

  • Lowering Risk to Reputation and Operations

  • Preparation for entry into formal sustainability programs (such as Global Reporting Initiative GRI, Integrated Reporting <IR>, UN Global Compact, and more)

Chief Sustainability Officer at Paf (2011 - 2016) Mariehamn, Åland, Finland

  • Successfully lowered costs in my first 3 months of employment to pay my salary into perpetuity (my department generated net-profit)

  • Youngest-ever CSO of a Nordic company with over €100 Million annual turnover

  • Managed Environmental and Community Responsibility Unit, with associated financial forecasting, strategic planning, and personnel leadership

  • Benchmarked Environmental Footprint & Climate Change Responsibility

  • Plan, Do, Check, Act methodology to drive continual improvement

  • Carbon Neutral Certification (at a profit)

  • WWF Green Office certification

  • Liaison to; Board of Directors, administration, employees, suppliers, and community

  • Initiated special projects with local and regional educational institutions

  • Advisor during Ultra-Low Energy retrofit of corporate headquarters and commissioning of 209 kWp solar energy plant (on-site renewable energy generation)

Site Director for Supplementary Education (2006 - 2009) Town of Westford, MA, USA

  • Managed daily operations and program employees

  • Curriculum developer and program funding/grant application writer

  • Founded the Westford Outdoor Nature Program to educate students ages 8-13 in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) through team based problem solving challenges

  • Inter-departmental liaison to education administration, employees, parents, and local media


  • Business Lab Åland, Entrepreneurship Program, 2017 - 2018

  • Ålands Utvecklings (Development) AB, Grand Prize Winner, 2017

  • Patagonia (Clothing) Retail Senior Salesperson, Boston, 2009

  • Vice President Student Life, Concordia University CSU, 2003

  • Mechanical Engineering Intern, Ford Motor Company of Canada, 2000


Harvard University (2010) Masters in Environmental Management & Sustainability

  • Focus - International business sustainability and the cascading effects of foreign investment financing, stakeholder communications, social responsibility advocacy, and environmental stewardship towards successful project outcomes

  • Research Assistant - Water Resources and National Parks

Concordia University (2004) B.A in Psychology & Neuroscience

  • Behavioral Neurobiology / Sensation & Perception / Abnormal Psychology

  • Research Assistant - Neural Pathways & Laboratory Technician

Additional Accomplishments

  • Conferencier: SmartMarina 2021

  • Svenska för inflyttade: Allmänna språkexamina - mellannivå 2019-2020

  • Board Member, Ålands Natur och Miljö, 2017-2019

  • Speaker, JCI Finland, Sustainability; Doing the right thing for the wrong reason, 2016

  • Speaker, Bärkraft Åland, The Åland business case for Sustainability, 2016

  • GRI Certified Reporter, 2015

  • Thermal Energy Inspector Certification, 2014

  • Conservation Commissioner, Town of Westford, 2007-2009