I will bring over 10 years of excellence in CR/ESG to your organization. 

My goal is to work 25+ more happy years with a company who’s 
clear mission is to create value exceeding financial capital.

I am a citizen of 🇺🇸 America, 🇨🇦 Canada and 🇫🇮 Finland with the right to work in these countries and the entire EU.

My skillset combines a rigorous academic foundation with over 10 years of results-driven work.

In the News

In the BBC
Personal accountability encourages positive social behaviour.
"Imagine living on a little island in the Baltic Sea 100 years ago. You took care of your neighbours and they took care of you, because there was no one else. Somehow the Ålanders haven't lost that kindness." Rather than an especially "cooperative" society, it's a "kind society aware of the strengths and failings of each other and accepting of each because we're all in this together."

On YouTube you can watch me in action - here's a sample collection of fun videos I made back when I ran the Plusax company. The goal was to make sustainability fun and appproachable to all.

Contributing to the Regional Sustainability Plan with Bärkraft Åland

On the Åland Islands of Finland I led a project to turn an empty historic building into a Sustainable Small Business Center.

"New Business Concept Grows in Mariehamn" - Swedish text at Ålandstidningen

"Michael will gather Åland businesses under one roof" - Swedish text at Nya Åland

"He plans a Sustainability Center in the Stone Warehouse" - Swedish text at Nya Åland

In Massachusetts, USA I found a dead whale at Crane Beach and led a project with high-school students to clean the skeleton and prepare it for museum display.

"Assignment: Dig up carcass, hold breath" - The Lowell Sun

With the Patagonia volunteer team I helped clean-up a scenic rafting waterway - the Concord River.

"CORPORATE VOLUNTEERS... Patagonia Employees Make An Impact" - Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust


I work to strengthen local business and society.

My motivation is the improvement of our shared community, environment and lives.

I believe real-world sustainability creates value by:

  • acknowledging people prioritize their needs first

  • empowering people to act with respect towards all living things

  • enabling the responsible use of this planet’s resources

  • educating to increase understanding of the systems that connect us all

I am excited to return to in-office work but also experienced working both remotely and hybrid .

I am fully-vaccinated and continually work to better understand my privileges and responsibilities with our society (he/him).


Harvard University (2010)
Masters in Environmental Management and Sustainability

  • International Business Sustainability; The impact of foreign investment, stakeholder communications and socio-environmental stewardship on project outcomes.

  • Research Internship: Water Resources and National Parks

Concordia University (2004)
B.A in Psychology and Neuroscience

  • Behavioral Neurobiology, Sensation and Perception, Abnormal Psychology

  • Research Internship: Neural Pathways and Laboratory Technician

Professional Work

CSO as a Service
(Sustainability Consultancy - ESG)
Scandinavia/Nordic Countries (2016 - Present)

My mission is to democratize the access of Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) level competence to underserved governmental organizations, non-profits and local private companies. By improving each independent operator’s ability to manage their sustainability we solve systems-level challenges none can overcome alone.

  • Bespoke sustainability programs for business, groups and government

  • Environmental, Social, and Operational impact benchmarking

  • Annual Report writing

  • Multi-stakeholder negotiations and action coordination

  • Carbon Neutrality certification with climate responsibility reductions

  • Lowering risks to reputation and operational continuity

Chief Sustainability Officer, PAF Government Gaming Operator
Finland, Sweden, Estonia (2011 - 2016)

  • Managed Environmental and Community Responsibility Unit with associated financial forecasting, strategic planning and personnel leadership

  • Benchmarked Environmental Footprint for corporate offices, data centers, online casino, physical casino and gambling activities onboard Baltic Sea cruise ships

  • Prepared Business Cases for investment

  • Facilitated Strategic Environmental Management

  • Plan, Do, Check, Act methodology drove continuous improvement

  • Carbon Auditing and Neutrality Certification (at a profit)

  • Initiated STEM pilot projects with university students and educational institutions

  • Advisor in Ultra-Low Energy retrofit of corporate headquarters and commissioning of 209 kWp solar energy plant

Key-holder and Senior Sales Associate, Patagonia Inc.

Boston MA, USA (2010 - 2011)

  • Worked to put myself through graduate school

  • Grant application writer and Environmental Clean-up volunteer

Site Director
Town of Westford, MA, USA (2006 - 2009)

  • Founded Westford Outdoor Nature Program to develop students ages 8 through 13 skills in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM)

  • Managed daily operations and program employees

  • Curriculum developer and program funding/grant application writer

  • Westford Whale Project Leader

General Skills

  • Word Processing - MS Office, Apple Pages, LibreOffice

  • Spreadsheets - MS Excel, Apple Numbers, LibreOffice

  • Presentations - MS PowerPoint, Apple Keynote

  • Data - Carbon Accounting, Geographic Information Systems, Life-Cycle Analysis

  • Multimedia Production - Final Cut Pro, LumaFusion, FilMic Pro, Pixelmator

  • Coding - Apple Developer Universal App Quick Start Program, Learning Swift

  • Swedish Language - Basic


  • In Process: PMP Certification (Summer 2022)

  • Conference Host, SmartMarina (2021)

  • Translator and Copywriter, Sustainability Masterplan, Island of Kökar (2020)

  • Board Member, Ålands Natur och Miljö (2017 - 2019)

  • Winner of Business Pitch Competition, ÅUAB (2017)

  • Public Speaker, Junior Chamber International (2016)

  • Contributor, Regional Sustainability Plan, Bärkraft Åland (2016)

  • Certified GRI Reporter (2015)

  • Certified FLIR Thermal Inspector (2014)

  • Conservation Commissioner, Town of Westford (2007 - 2009)

  • Mechanical Engineering Internship, Ford Motor Company


Available at my Academia.edu Portfolio

  • ‘Managing Municipal Open-spaces for Conservation, Education, and Recreation at East Boston Camps: Westford, M.A.’ Harvard University; Environmental Ethics and Land Management

  • ‘Life Cycle Assessment of Catalytic and Non-Catalytic Wood Stoves’ Harvard University; LCA Case Studies

  • ‘Renewable Energy: Bridging the Gap Between Energy Production and Energy Consumption' Harvard University; Environmental Management

  • ‘Factors effecting the sustainability of marine invertebrate fisheries: An explanatory case study of the Caribbean Spiny Lobster fishery of the Miskito Coast and the Queen Conch fishery of the Caribbean.’ Harvard University; Masters Thesis

  • 'Factors Affecting the Public Perception of Water Quality at Forge Pond Beach and the Relationship to True Water Quality' Harvard University

Writings available upon request

  • ‘Sustainability in Retail: Raising the bar higher at Patagonia Boston’ Harvard University; Strategies in Environmental Management (portions redacted to protect company confidentiality)

  • ‘Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan Patagonia Boston’ Harvard University (portions redacted to protect company confidentiality)

  • ‘Seed Dispersal: Novel Animal-Plant Interactions and Possibilities’ Harvard University

  • ‘Risk Assessment: Dicamba’ Harvard University

  • ‘Life Cycle Assessment of Catalytic and Non-Catalytic Wood Stoves’ Harvard University; LCA Case Studies

  • ‘The Ecological Aspects of Dam Removal: A Case Study of Stony Brook’ Harvard University; Fundamentals of Ecology

  • ‘The Anticipated Effects of Projected Atmospheric CO2 Levels on the Oceans and the Means of Mitigating Negative Effects and Maximizing Positive Effects’ Harvard University; Ocean Environments

Thank you for your time today

Email: info@michaeltaevs.com

LinkedIn: Michael Taevs

YouTube Sampler: Fun Sustainability

References Available Upon Request

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